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The Making of
Miniature Arms:

     The rate of production or fabrication of miniature arms has hardly changed since the 16th Century when master makers were few.  Today there are relatively few master, miniature arms makers throughout the world. There are, however,  several hundred craftsmen and hobbyists who make a few miniature arms now and then for their own collections or to make a few extra dollars.  These are the ones  the collector sometimes finds by his own efforts or by a network of friends who locate the makers for them.

     Unlike full-sized arms, the production of miniature arms almost never happens in a factory environment. One rare exception today is in Italy where a manufacturer produces high quality historical reproductions as well as a series of 1/2 scale percussion and cartridge revolvers of popular Colt firearms.  These guns are for the most part still hand fitted and assembled with expert craftmanship and attention to detail.

Michelle Lefaivre in his shop..

baezparts    revolver parts

muff partslefaivre parts

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