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Welcome to the Miniature Arms Collectors/Makers Society website.

Founded in 1973 The society is a group of miniature arms enthusiasts who have joined together to promote and encourage interest in making and collecting miniature arms of all kinds - pistols, rifles, cannon, suits of armor, knives, swords etc., with the emphasis on artistic beauty and craftsmanship.

As a fellow craftsman, you will come in contact with others of all abilities and specialties. As a collector, you will appreciate investments that give you pleasure, pride and joy of ownership, while increasing in value.

lefaivre luger pic
1/2 scale Luger made by
Michelle Lefaivre of Paris, France.

Kucer Remington
1/3 scale1862 “Police” model Colt revolver  made by David Kucer of Montreal, Canada
Rincon Boutet pistolsMiniature 1798 Boutet Dueling Pistols
by Antonio Rincon of Columbia.
closetop 2mm pinfire2mm closed top pinfire revolver,
circa 1890 France or Belgium

Click on images above for larger versions. 

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